In the same principle as an ordinary trec, you leave with a quota of 2000 points, which you can only lose!

Each minute late or early on a section is a penalty point.

But rest assured, the advance is not on the agenda.

And simply validating all the sections is a feat.

An arrival by a bad way at the section control, it is 30 penalty points.

A missed passage control or an arrival by a bad way at this same passage control is also 30 points less.

A failed section control is 50 penalty points.

When you fail several section checks in a row, it is 50 points for the first, 100 points for the second, 200 points for the third and the following.

At each section control, you will meet a nice bundled up controller, who will tell you the average speed of the next section.

And if you liquidate your 2000 points? Nothing serious, you then enter the category of those who manage their negative points (And you will not be the only ones!)

There can be up to 60 checks, so it’s okay to miss one unintentionally.

Of course, if you are involved in this beautiful event, it is not to cheat, so no additional phone, no connected watch, no gps, etc…