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So the time has come to take a few moments of reflection.

The 2023 edition of the Centaure takes you to the hills under the Vosges, in Alsace, but also in the mountains.
Amandine Barrois, Jean De Châtillon, François Léveillé and Franck Julich have concocted a route that will show you, at dawn, magnificent viewpoints…..

But it is above all a real challenge in terms of difficulties in orientation.

What is the level? Amateur 1, 2, Elite? No, none of that. There is no similar event in terms of difficulty.
Is your horse trained? Do you make him travel miles and miles galloping or trotting to prepare him physically?
Very good, but the average speed during a centaur is 5km/h….
So a good horse, in good physical shape, trained over the distance, with a good mind, will take you to the end!
No need to bring back an endurance champion.

On the other hand, the real question: And you? Will you bring your horse to the finish line?

You will spend more than 24 hours on your mount to cover these 100 kilometers.
You can consider yourself lucky if you manage to take a one-hour nap between the two nights….
Provided you manage to fall asleep, with the adrenaline of the end of the first day, mixed with that of your imminent departure.

That is to say, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, sleep will be the thing you will miss the most.

Do you have the mind to go all the way, once you get lost several times, at night, in our Alsatian mountains, and fatigue begins to set in?

Are you able to count your horse’s strides and lead it azimuth after azimuth on the right path? And this for more than 24 hours?
To save us from spending our nights repatriating riders in panic attacks, lost, thank you for taking this moment of reflection.

Do you think you are ready? then all you have to do is click on the “print” button and follow the instructions.
Otherwise, you can go to the page dedicated to volunteers, help us bring this centaur to life and take part in the adventure seen from the inside.